I actually began studying homeopathy long before my cancer experience and I still love it! When my children were young, I attended a study group put together by a homeopathic veterinarian. I learned enough to stop having to take my kids to the doctor each month for antibiotics because of all the things that kids pass around. Having my kids get well faster and stay healthier over the winter was well worth the time I spent in the study.

Along the way, I found a homeopath nearby and when one of my son’s behavior was more than we could handle, I took him to the homeopath. I was grasping for straws and avoiding the ordinary drugs that children are put on to comply. My son had refused to take them, so I didn’t really have that option. I was pretty shocked when my son became compliant and calm with a homeopathic remedy.

When I feel like my energy is really low or I have some issue that hasn’t been resolved by a visit to my chiropractor or doctor, I call the homeopath. This week was one of those weeks. After being troubled for overĀ  a month with varying symptoms and two weeks of swollen ankles, the homeopath made a recommendation with a focus on my being extremely tired when it rains.

The doctors had not found any good reason for the swelling and I wasn’t settling for wait and see what happens. I shouldn’t be surprised by the overnight results and it doesn’t always happen that way for everybody, but my ankles are much improved and despite the rain today, I didn’t have to take a nap.

As much as I love the chakras and meridians and the qiclock, I have found homeopathy to be a great way to clear up those things that you can’t seem to get out of your system. The remedies are not only based on physical symptoms, your outlook, things going on in your life and other considerations play into the choice. That adds to my fascination for it and my belief in its support of my holistic health.

If anybody is interested in the name of my homeopath, I am happy to share.

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