Monthly Archives: April 2013

Start Sitting Still

People ask me, “How do I use this guide.”  I tell them to start by sitting still.  Some say, “I cannot quiet my mind.”  I can say that I have had difficulty with this myself.  Making time to sit still and quieting the mind are both things that I may have said, “I can’t, ” to in the past.  I don’t feel like you have to free your mind of any thought but bring your focus to the present moment.  Start saying, “I will try,” and see if things begin to change.  Stop thinking about yesterday and what you have to do tomorrow.  Take a deep breath and focus on your breathing.  Is there anything in your body that doesn’t feel right or good?  Take a look at the chart and see if you can determine the color that may contain a balancing technique that can help.  Try the balancing techniques one by one until something helps.  My booklet also contains a prayer that I encourage trying.   This guide is one piece that I have used in my self-healing, there are many more techniques that I have studied and learned over the past five years.  I also provide private consultations in person or on the phone.  You can contact me by email at to set something up.  Feel free to email questions and I will post answers here.  If you have thought of it, someone else may have wondered the same thing.